5 ways you can use a glow serum in your everyday routine

Beauties, let’s talk skincare! Your skincare routine should always be consistent, built on the products you know and love, and containing some type of serum. 

Serums are like little shots of goodness that work to hydrate your skin and prep it for moisturiser or makeup, while ensuring your natural glow stays on point. 

Our favourite kind of serum is one that both provides your skin with hydration and helps you achieve that perfectly highlighted natural glow. Yep, you guessed it; a glow serum!

Here are five ways you can use a glow serum in your everyday routine:

1. Before your moisturiser
As with most serums, you can use a glow serum under your moisturiser after cleansing. Serums are shots of highly concentrated antioxidants, hydrators and nutrients. They take your skincare from a five to an eleven out of ten! 
Ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, that pulls water from the air into your skin to keep it hydrated, helps your skin stay plump and nourished throughout the day.

Some moisturisers, especially thick ones, can block serums from doing their thing. You can use your glow serum right here in the middle of your routine to ensure that all that glowy goodness is absorbed and can properly hydrate your skin.
2. Mix it with makeup
For instant radiance and a natural glow, you can mix your glow serum with your favourite base products such as primers and foundations or wear alone. This is a great little DIY trick to help create that fantastic sun-kissed look all year round while still giving your skin all the goodness it deserves.
3. As a primer
Your skincare routine doesn't have to stop at moisturiser. For most, ensuring our makeup provides a clean look and lasts throughout the day is also vital!
For some added skin love, you can use your glow serum under your foundation as a primer to create an even base for your foundation. A glow serum already gives you that fabulous dewy look and feel, so if used as a primer, you can go lighter on the foundation to produce a flawlessly natural look.

4. As a highlighter
As your glow serum is intended to help your skin glow and shine, they work as great highlighters too. Apply to the top of your cheekbones, your nose and your brow bone to highlight where the sun would naturally hit.
Some highlighters can be overpowering, hard to blend, and you can never achieve that natural look. A glow serum on its own or mixed with some eyeshadow or foundation can provide the exact coverage and lightness you need for a naturally contoured look.
5. Mixed with body lotion or moisturiser for an all body glow
Glow serums make the perfect addition to your daily body care routine. A couple of drops of highlighter radiance will leave your skin with the perfect all-day summer glow as well as feeling plump and nourished for the day ahead. Our Miracle Glo Skin Serum, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and natural plant botanicals makes this glow trick effortless.


It’s all about the glow

Glow serums are seriously a must for your everyday routine if you want to achieve that natural dewy look the right way and still give your skin all the nutrients and hydration it needs to stay healthy. The KIND Collective is here to help you on your journey to better skincare and makeup. Discover our collection and amazingly kind range of products, including our fan favourite, Miracle Glo Skin Serum.