Benefits to Hyaluronic Acid Lip Balms

Imagine a lip balm that actually draws moisture in, leaving your lips smoother and softer than ever before. A lip balm that provides a natural plumping effect leaving your lips looking fuller. A lip balm that smoothes out lines and encourages healing. A lip balm that doesn't leave your lips feeling greasy or sticky. Yes this lip balm actually exists, you are imagining the fantastic benefits of lip balms using Hyaluronic Acid.

There is a reason why hyaluronic acid is having a huge beauty moment and is here to stay.

Lock that moisture in!

So let's talk about Hyaluronic Acid, you're probably wondering, what is it exactly?
It's a humectant, which means it is a substance that actually retains moisture. Yes that's right, this product actually works to draw moisture into the skin, and retain it! Hydrated skin appears brighter, plumper, more youthful and feels soft and healthy.

Anti Ageing magic

Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in the skin. As we get older the molecules that are within our skin slowly decline, which can cause signs of ageing. So it makes sense that we are using skin care products that contain this compound. Treating our skin to products with hyaluronic acid helps to reduce signs of ageing by decreasing signs of fine lines and wrinkles and boosting your lips overall hydration.

Pause Time

As we age our features can lose their fullness. Adding hyaluronic acid to your daily routine can be a game changer as it is proven to visibly plump, and soften skin which reduces the effects of ageing.

Achieving Ultimate lip hydration is now simple with the thirst-quenching Hydrating Lip Elixir with Hyaluronic Acid. We have developed a conditioning cream-oil infused with lip-loving natural plant botanicals. This offers an instant boost of hydration along with rich plant-derived butters Mango and Shea Butter, with a beautifully natural pink tint and glossy finish. If you suffer from dry, chapped lips then a hyaluronic acid lip product is calling your name, we think it's probably time you see what all the fuss is about!