Eyeshadow Tips & Tricks

Eyeshadow is often the key pigment in a makeup look. However, mastering eyeshadow looks can be as intimidating as perfecting that winged liner! Despite our best efforts to follow tutorials and trends, sometimes it gets tricky to achieve your desired eye look. To avoid looking like a clown or like you got punched in the eye, it’s important to get the basics right! We’ve put together some basic tips and tricks to help you navigate the terrain and pick up that eyeshadow palette.

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1. Prime and Prep:

Before you pick up your eyeshadow palette, we recommend prepping your eyes well. This is to ensure even blending, to get the best out of the eyeshadow pigment, and to get the eyeshadow to last all day long. Here's a hack! Layer some more facial primer on the lids for a consistent finish all over the face. The Hydrating Primer is a great makeup perfecting base that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and protected.

2. Start with Eyeshadow and follow with Foundation/Concealer:

Eyeshadow dust tends to get all over the face, especially when you have deep-set eyes or if you’re using a big fluffy blending brush. It’s a lot easier to clean off the pigment dust or cover up any mistakes with concealer!

3. Pick a light neutral shade for the base:

The first step in an eyeshadow look is to swipe one shade on the entire eyelid and blend seamlessly. Whether you pick shimmer or matte, be sure to pick from the neutral colours best suited to your skin from your palette. This helps create a base and helps hold the build-up of darker colours better.

4. Know where to place the light and dark shades:

As a thumb rule, remember two terms: define and highlight. Define the crease and lower lash line with darker shades and highlight the inner corners and brow bones with the lightest shimmer on the palette. The centre of the eyelid is where you can get creative either with a dark colour or dazzling shimmer!

5. Use more than 1 brush:

When you start with eyeshadows, having to clean the brush before switching between shades and precise blending can seem like an effort. Pick 2 or 3 brushes to make the process simple and quick. If you take our Limited Edition 4-piece eye brush set as a reference, this is how using multiple brushes can make the previous two tricks much easier. Eye blending brush for your neutral base, Bullet Eyeshadow brush to define the crease and lower lash line, and full shadow brush for the centre of the eyelid. Quick and hassle-free!

6. Be careful not to over blend:

Blending is the key to perfecting an eyeshadow look. Blending correctly really helps soften darker shades and blur unevenness. However, overdoing it is a common mistake. Once you’ve muted the harsh lines and created a seamless blend, it is essential to trust yourself and stop before it gets patchy.

It’s now time to give eyeshadow a second chance! Pick up that blending brush and get started. We have a whole NEW collection of powerfully pigmented and ultra-blendable eyeshadow palettes for you to create some fun, colourful eyeshadow looks!