How to Apply Mineral Powder

Applying mineral powder can be tricky at first but don't worry, with our simple tips you'll be feeling like a professional makeup artist in no time.

Whether you're a newbie or simply looking to up your makeup game, we have a round up of easy to follow steps to get a flawless mineral finish. 


Step 1: Preparation

First things first, any flawless makeup look starts with the proper skincare routine. Before you wash and cleanse your face, always make sure your hands have been thoroughly cleaned. This helps decrease the bacteria that may clog your pores or irritate the skin.

Always start with a cleanser to create a lovely clean canvas to work with. You can also use an exfoliator or scrub. Do so only two or three times a week, though, to remove dead skin cells, too much exfoliation can work to remove natural oils, which we don’t want.

Next, prepare your skin for a moisturiser with a lovely, gentle toner and serum to help boost your skins natural glow and radiance! Now you can moisturise, which will be a crucial step in applying your mineral foundation as minerals love to bond to the surface of your skin. If it’s too dry, the minerals will have a more challenging time providing you with long-lasting coverage.

Always wait a minute or two before you move on to your foundation. This helps to give your moisturiser a chance to sink into your skin and do its thing.

Step 2: Apply mineral foundation

Now that your face is clean, hydrated and moisturised, it’s time to apply your mineral foundation. 

  1. Sprinkle powder into the lid of your makeup jar, start with a small amount and add more as you need it.
  2. Using a clean brush, very lightly pick up the powder with the bristles.
  3. Tap the brush on the side to release any excess powder.
  4. Apply the foundation to your face with gentle, circular motions to ensure even coverage.
  5. Repeat these steps until you have the desired amount of coverage

Our pro tip is to swirl the powder working from your hairline to the centre of your face, and down your neck. Make sure to get often missed spots such as under the chin and near your ears, helping to avoid any creases and provide an even, natural coverage.

Step 3: Buff it up

The more layers of mineral foundation you apply and buff over your face, the higher coverage you’ll create. Make sure you apply your makeup in the best lighting possible, as poor lighting can distort the finishing look of your mineral foundation.

Step 4: Cover it up with a concealer

To cover up any dark circles, blemishes or uneven skin tone, use a concealer or apply another layer of mineral powder for extra coverage.  

The benefits of mineral powder

Many love using mineral powder as it’s gentle and light for sensitive skin, and provides a more natural coverage than most liquid foundations.

At The KIND Collective, our mineral powder foundation and range of finishing powders give a soft-focus finish and a dewy, luminous glow that lasts the whole day.

Our Superhero 5-in-1 Pressed Powder is packed with natural blue light blocking ingredients. It is loaded with vitamins and other skin-loving botanicals such as Liquorice Root, Vitamin C, B3 Niacinamide and Green Coffee Extract.

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