KIND Q&A with dream girl Maria Thattil

Just like our products, Maria Thattil is more than pretty.

From being crowned Miss Universe Australia 2020, Maria’s multi-hyphen career is a curation of projects that champion critical social justice issues including anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, representation, youth empowerment, mental health and gender equality advocacy.

As part of our KIND More Than Pretty campaign, Maria sat down with us to answer some of the burning questions we have for this trail blazer. Read ahead to find out what kindness means to her and how we were able to give back to her chosen charity supporting women. 

Tell us a little bit about the kind work that you do?

At a young age, my mother has instilled in me a value for work that is rooted in service, paying forward the graces I have in life and just being kind. With gratitude, I believe I have been privileged enough to build a career out of it where I work as a writer, speaker and creator with a platform dedicated to championing inclusivity, representation and celebrating diversity. Underneath it all, I hope that my work is rooted in kindness – and seeing others as the brilliant, deserving human beings that they are. 

Why is this work/project important to you?

My work is my heart made tangible. Whether it is via my column, content or engagements, it is dedicating to dissecting and progressing matters impacting underrepresented groups. It is important to me because I consider it purposeful, impactful and necessary.

What does being kind mean to you, and why is it important?

We experience the world differently because of our social identity – things like geography, genitals and ability can influence our rights, access to resources, freedom and dignities and it means that certain groups are disproportionately impacted by social injustice. Being kind starts with seeing people, irrespective of these factors, as being fundamentally the same as you – human. It requires you to acknowledge prejudice and privilege and still choose to move with love. It’s important because doing this is how we will progress and heal.

What advice / tips would you give to others to incorporate a little bit of kindness into their lives?

Start by being kind to yourself and give love, show compassion and be considerate toward yourself first, so that when you show kindness to others, it’s not for any reason other than genuine love. To know how to show kindness appropriately to other people, I think you then need to listen to them more. The more you listen, the more you learn, the more good you find – and the more you will want to and know how to be kind.

At The KIND Collective, we are committed to supporting women which is why we give back via i=change. Tell us about the charity partner you have chosen to give back to and why it’s important to you? 

I’ve chosen UN Women because of their critical work to protect and elevate women and girls. In particular, I support their initiatives to end violence against women and girls because this is a global issue affecting us all that isn’t progressing as fast toward resolution as it should.  

What is your favourite The KIND Collective product and why?

My favourite Kind Collective product is the Miracle Glo Skin Serum with Hyaluronic Acid because I love the collagen boosting properties of it, and how I can apply it to my bare skin and achieving a nourishing glow.

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