4 Tips for a flawless foundation application

When applying foundation we all have the goal of achieving flawless skin, that's why as consumers we search tirelessly for the right products to help us get that perfect finish to our makeup look. When it comes to a foundation often there is so much more to it than simply just the product in order to achieve the perfect finish. Of course, choosing the right products for your skin is important but we can also use application techniques to enhance our end result. 

1 Choosing The Right Products

The basics are simple and an absolute must when it comes to getting the desired application we are after. Choosing the right products makes a huge difference, that's why it's important to reach for products that are suited to your skin type and its needs. We suggest monitoring your skin to figure out what coverage you require, if your skin fairly blemish free and even-toned often a light coverage foundation is preferred like the Healthy Glow Sheer Foundation. If your skin requires more high coverage or your skin texture is often changing then reaching for buildable products is always a great way to go, The KIND Collectives foundation range offers a selection of buildable products. 

At The KIND Collective, we love to use mineral foundation makeup products as we believe they provide us with many benefits. For a soft-focus finish and a dewy, luminous glow we often reach for our Natural Mineral Foundation Powder, we love how buildable this product is. When desiring a flawless finish this product does wonders at banishing pores and imperfections. 

2 Creating The Perfect Base 

Choosing the right products for your skin is only the beginning when it comes to flawless looking foundation. For foundation products to apply smoothly it's important the skin is hydrated and smooth, to begin with, taking care of your skin daily with hydrating products and suitable skincare is essential. When starting a makeup application we always suggest moisturising the skin first and letting it absorb and rejuvenate your skin before beginning your next steps for application. You can never nourish your skin enough so we still believe that choosing hydrating makeup products is important, the range of foundation products from The Kind Collective contain nourishing and hydrating ingredients making it easier to achieve softer healthier-looking skin. 

3 Correct Colour Choice 

Every skin type is different, we have so many different tones and needs which is why choosing a product that matches your skin is crucial. Checking your foundation before application to make sure it's the right match for your skin that day is always a good idea, you can alter your products if you need to by mixing in additional colours. We want our face to match our neck and body as well as we can to help enhance the natural finish we desire. 

4 The Perfect Application Techniques 

There are endless ways to go about applying your products to your face, whether you prefer to use your hands, a sponge or a brush, our best advice is to always be gentle. Avoiding rubbing motions we always suggest patting your makeup into the skin for the best results and to minimise a heavy finish and avoid any streaks. The key to flawless looking foundation is to create a base that looks exactly like natural skin, so don't overdo it, trust us it makes a difference! 

So when it comes to flawless looking foundation these simple tips are important, choosing the perfect foundation for your skin, colour matching, perfecting your base and a great application technique. Once you have these perfected, mastering flawless looking foundation is simple. You can shop our range of liquid, powder and mineral foundations here!