Why SPF is a necessity in your makeup routine

Let's talk about sun damage, it is high up on our list of things we want to avoid at all costs, especially as we get older. The effects of skin damage can be pretty nasty like premature ageing, dark spots and skin cancers to name a few. To protect our skin from sun damage it's important to use methods to hide your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun when it’s at its strongest. Sun protection can be achieved through different methods such as covering the skin with protective clothing, but also through products containing SPF. At The KIND Collective, we believe that SPF is a makeup routine necessity and here is why!

Youthful Skin 

Flawless looking makeup can be hard to achieve, keeping your skin looking healthy and nourished is important to creating the perfect base for your makeup. Keeping your skin protected from sun damage helps ensure youthful and healthier skin which radiates through your makeup. We always recommend using SPF on the regular and opting for products that have SPF for the extra level of protection. SPF products provide the face with the perfect dewy and glowy base and can often act as a great primer product. You can purchase products that have the sole purpose of protecting skin from the sun as well as cosmetics that have added SPF as an extra bonus, 

Using SPF regularly helps keep your skin protected from the effects of UV such as ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration and pigmentation and helps to keep the skin feeling full and firm. The benefits SPF provides to the skin help us to combat the effects of ageing and support more youthful and healthy-looking skin. Along with visible benefits, it also protects us from harmful effects of the sun like skin cancer and melanoma!

Double Your Protection 

Using SPF under your makeup is always encouraged, the benefits of applying a layer of sun protection are almost endless. So if SPF is so great then why not double your protection from UV and layer it up? We suggest applying sunscreen as your base to offer protection with the added benefit of a dewy base, as well as applying SPF enriched makeup products. With a full face of makeup on it's often hard to reapply APF throughout the day which is why layering up with a solid level of protection first thing is smart. We suggest our Natural Mineral Foundation Powder which has added SPF 15 and blue light protection. Opting for products like this means your skin benefits from an extra layer of sun protection and even better also protects skin from the stresses of short wave blue light emitted from devices and screens! 

We really believe in our products and our customers have had fantastic results -  96% saw a more even complexion*, 92% reported healthier looking and feeling skin in just 7 days*,

and 84% reported visibly boosted radiance and luminous skin*.

There is nothing but positive effects when it comes to adding extra layers of SPF products to your skin, benefitting from protecting your skin and your overall health with some simple changes to your everyday routine. So if there's the option to incorporate SPF into your everyday makeup routine why wouldn't you?