Easy Guide to the Clean Girl Aesthetic

Sick of all the fuss and everchanging beauty trends? Well, hold onto your bamboo makeup brushes, we've got the trend that's about to simplify your beauty game! Let's be real, we totally called it - the clean girl aesthetic is here to stay. But here's the tea, folks: this look has been a classic for eons. Think of it as the Gen-Z offspring of the Gen-X matte vs. glossy showdown, with a generous dose of eco-consciousness thrown in for good measure. Yep, it's the beauty trend that's here to stay, and we're about to spill all the deets!

What we love about this look is that it is easy, fast and fresh, and here’s how you get started: 

1. Prep your canvas! 

Always prep your skin by cleansing first. You want to ensure that there’s no excess oil or dirt, or even your makeup from earlier in the day (or the night before) on your skin before you start. 

Now for everyone's favourite word - MOISTurise. This is an essential step for plumping the skin and creating a smooth base for your makeup so that it applies evenly and last longer. Plus, hydrated skin always looks healthier and more radiant. We also recommend using a simple skin glow serum. It gives your skin a nice glowy base to work on! 

And don't forget! Apply SPF and re-apply throughout the day. Protecting your skin is the most important step in your routine - your future self will thank you!

2. Prime time!

Have you ever put on makeup and it came out uneven and patchy? Then a primer is going to be your new BFF! A primer helps to creates a smooth base for your makeup, filling in any fine lines or pores and creating an even canvas. It also helps your foundation last longer and prevents it from settling into any creases throughout the day. 

4. A good foundation holds the house up

Now that you’ve prepped and primed, let’s get to the main event. It’s important to remember we’re going for the minimal look. A natural, glowy foundation will help give you a fresh lit-from-within radiance. This formula should be light and work to enhance your natural skin tone with minimal coverage for a natural finsih.

Complete your glowup with a powder or cream to bronze, highlight and blush. Warm the skin and lightly contour using a bronzer under your cheekbones and along your hairline, temples, and jawline. For highlighter, gently dust it over your cheekbones, brow bones, and areas where sunlight naturally hits your face, creating a subtle, radiant glow. Don't forget to add a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks and cross the bridge of your nose for a sweet hint of colour.

5. The Finalé

Almost there! Now to bring it all together, the eyes. Using a brow groomer, shape, tint and define your brows.  Curling your lashes and adding a coat or two of mascara can instantly open up your eyes. It gives you a natural and wakeful look that adds to the clean aesthetic kit of angelic lashes. Don't forget about your lower lashes too! A lick of mascara on them can really bring together your whole eye look.

Try this look out and tell us how you went! For more cruelty-free makeup products, check out our best-seller list on The KIND Collective today.