Perfecting Your 'No-Makeup' Look

Some days may call for a 10 step makeup routine, while most (in our humble opinion) only require a more effortless 'no-makeup' look. We believe everyone should embrace their natural beauty, so fittingly we are loving ‘no makeup’ makeup routines! Lightweight, breathable, glowy products have our attention and we are totally here for the softer look and feel of these natural products.

Keep reading to find out our top tips when it comes to the perfect base for your barely there makeup look...

It’s all about that base

The most important step to creating the perfect no-makeup look is choosing the right base. Look for a foundation with light coverage and a luminous glow to allow your natural skin to shine through, and avoid a cakey looking finish.

Finishing quick steps 
Once your base is sorted it can take you one minute to complete your look! Lightly dust over bronzer like the SuperHero 5in1 Pressed Powder for an all over glow, a flick of Wonderlash Health+ Mascara to define eyes, and a tinted brow gel to groom and hold brows in place, and hydrating lip tint to keep lips nourished.

Ingredients matter

People are starting to really care about what's in their makeup, and so they should! Our skin acts like a sponge and absorbs everything we put on it, so it really is important that we are giving our skin nourishing, quality and natural products. Not only do these quality ingredients give our skin an immediate glow, but they create a nourishing formula that will leave skin glowing and healthy beyond your makeup look.

At The KIND Collective we use the highest quality ingredients that are 100% vegan and cruelty free. A quick read of the ingredients list and you'll find an abundance of antioxidant-rich and anti-aging skin nourishing ingredients such as Avocado, Pomegranate, Rosehip Oil, Kakadu Plum, Kangaroo Paw, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, just to name a few.

Hydrating ingredients like Avocado and Shea Butter help to soften skin and give the skin a hydrated look and soften the appearance of fine lines. Ingredients like green tea help with inflammation and awaken the face. Every ingredient has its purpose, and the KIND Collective’s products are packed full of purposeful ingredients, with the intention of enhancing your look naturally.

So we stress getting familiar with your products' ingredients lists and making sure they're full of ingredients that will nourish your skin.

A little goes a long way

A key factor to having a great no-makeup routine is getting the base right, your foundation should be buildable, but initially lightweight. The KIND Collective foundations are all buildable, which makes them the perfect base product for your no-makeup makeup routine. Lightly covering pores and imperfections is easy with the buildable formula, along with building a natural level of coverage.

Finding the right foundation 

The KIND Collective's Sheer Glow Foundation is similar to a BB cream, but better! Hydrating and colour correcting with lightweight coverage to create the ultimate naturally effortless glow. If powder foundation is more your thing then the Natural Mineral Foundation Powder is your new BFF, offering luminous finish with SPF 15 and blue light protection this product has you covered.

The winner when it comes to versatility however is the SuperHero 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer, this foundation offers radiant matte finsih with customisable coverage. Give your face a sheer radiant glow with a soft build-up of product on any blemishes, dark spots or unevenness. Using the same product for both foundation and concealer creates an even finish to your makeup, perfect for a no-makeup makeup natural finish.

The KIND collective has a huge range of natural products beyond just foundation, which are perfect to achieve a beautiful no makeup, makeup look. Make the most of The KIND Collective’s fantastic range to get the most out of your everyday no makeup look.