Top 3 Reasons to Switch to Vegan Beauty

Top 3 reasons to switch to vegan beauty

From a Netflix documentary to Beyonce, Veganism is a trend we’ve been broadly exposed to in the last few years. While many people turned vegan either for ethical reasons or health benefits, veganism is often only associated with food choices. But is that it?

Beauty follows food in a way that you’re careful of what you put into your body both internally and externally. Along with eating plant-based foods, shopping for vegan beauty products highly contributes to embracing veganism effectively.

We’ve shed light on some nitty-gritties that might convince you to make the switch to vegan beauty products!

  1. Avoid Nasty Ingredients

How often have you looked at the ingredient list on your beauty products? Undoubtedly, products like snail slime masks are yucky but did you know much about some other common animal-derived ingredients like Squalene (shark liver oil), Lanolin (wool grease), Carmine (crushed up beetles)?
These products sure don’t seem appealing to smear on your face.

Vegan products can be made with plant derivatives and often have fewer ingredients making them gentler and nourishing on the skin. At The KIND Collective, our make-up products are enriched with natural plant botanicals that enhance product performance and provide nourishment. Find out more about our dynamic natural plant botanicals in our ingredients cheat sheet and you’ll know why making the switch to vegan beauty is totally worth it!

  1. Sustainability

Multiple sources confirm that animal farms and slaughterhouses have adverse effects on the environment. This implies that the manufacturing process of plant-based is better for the planet. Additionally, vegan brands usually share the wholistic brand value of giving back to the community and planet. These brands aiming to minimize damage to the planet tend to adopt more sustainable practices like cruelty free, reduction of plastic usage, recyclable packaging and more. Switching to vegan beauty brands could be your first step to contributing to the planet and supporting businesses that you share similar values with.

The KIND Collective is proudly accredited by PETA and is 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. We have also adopted sustainable practices like 100% Bamboo compostable packaging, online orders are shipped with 100% recyclable materials and large orders to our retailers use plant-based biodegradable packaging peanuts (instead of Styrofoam!). We also encourage purchase and consumption of locally produced material, like our Australian made range of cosmetics.

  1. Goodbye Skin Issues

Have you ever had your skin irritated with a new, completely clean make-up brush and wondered why? The animal fur used in the bristles does not come close to being hypo allergenic. Vegan Bamboo brushes with synthetic bristles are way kinder to the skin. This is just one of the many examples in non-vegan beauty products that’s a nightmare for your skin and body overall.

Give your skin a break from harsh, toxic chemicals and move to natural and gentle products especially if you’re struggling to manage conditions like rosacea, eczema, dry skin and pigmentation. The Natural Mineral Powder Foundation for example, is power packed with Kaolin for cleansing properties along with vitamin E and jojoba oil for hydration and nourishment. When you can find products that sooth and enhance your skin, why settle for less?


‘The Vegan beauty movement’ has really pushed people to understand what goes into the products they consume, to care about the planet and community, be kinder and to only associate with brands that stand for the same values as they do. Which one of these would make you switch to vegan beauty if you haven’t already?