How To Apply Mineral Powder And Why You Should Use It

If you're new to the world of mineral makeup, have no fear! The KIND Collective has all the information you need to make mineral powder application easy. Mineral-based makeup is not like other makeups; there is a knack to it, but there are many reasons to use mineral powder, and here we’ll go over how it can be applied and why you should use it.

While applying liquid makeup is a delicate balance of mess and coverage, applying swirls of mineral makeup is simple once you've mastered it.

This article will show you how to use loose powder foundation to achieve a long-lasting and perfect all-day appearance, whether you're applying mineral makeup for everyday use or a special occasion like an anniversary party or a wedding.

How to apply mineral powder

First things first, make sure your face and hands are clean. Your face should be cleansed and moisturised before applying any makeup, then follow these steps:

  1. Sprinkle a small amount of powder into the lid of the makeup jar.
  2. Use your brush to pick up the powder from the lid and use the bristles to pick up the mineral powder.
  3. To remove any excess makeup, tap the brush on the side, allowing the powder to be spread evenly all over the face.
  4. Apply the foundation powder to your face with gentle, circular motions to ensure even coverage.
  5. Repeat these steps until you have the right amount of coverage.

You can apply as many layers as you think you need, and you can even finish by adding some concealer under your eyes or in any other areas you need a little more coverage.

You can head here to read our how-to article for a more in-depth application guide.

Why you should use mineral powder

Synthetic substances, chemicals, and scents included in many traditional cosmetics can irritate and worsen your skin. Isn't it ironic that the product you're using to help your skin appear better is the same one that could be making it flip out in the first place?

Mineral powder like the KIND Collective’s SuperHero 5-in-1, Pressed Powder with Blue Light Protection, is made with clean ingredients, is vegan and loaded with vitamins and loving botanicals. We can confidently say that it’s suitable for most skin types, including sensitive or reactive complexions and those with rosacea.

Mineral makeup is not only gentle on sensitive and allergy-prone skin, but it's also non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog pores and cause blemishes and breakouts. If you regularly suffer from acne or congestion, whatever skincare or makeup you use should have a non-comedogenic formula.

Natural contouring made easy

Although the craze for over-the-top contouring and blinding strobe highlighters has passed, you may still utilise the technique to define your cheekbones and brighten the region under your eyes. You could use a trio of mineral powder tones – one that perfectly matches your skin and hues that are slightly lighter and slightly darker – for a more natural-looking method to contour and highlight.

Although we always recommend wearing a separate SPF when you're outside, any additional sun protection is always beneficial! And you won't have to seek hard to find it in mineral cosmetics, as titanium dioxide is one of the main elements which acts as a natural sun filter. 

Clean beauty made easy

The KIND Collective promotes clean beauty while still creating products like our Translucent Finishing Powder that helps soften and brighten your complexion with the help of green tea and vitamin C. This is just one of our mineral powders, and you can head here to check out the rest of our selection.